Hey Benjamin,

Great article!! I love how detailed you get and how you present actionable items and examples. I read your medium articles more than any other writer, and get a lot of value out of them.

As far as journaling and meditating, would you journal first and then meditate right after, or meditate later on in the day? I am usually pretty sleepy in the morning and plan to get up and do small activities in the morning to get my body/mind going (start laundry, make my lunch, other small activities) before engaging my thought process/creativity. Would you suggest jumping right into journaling even though I am little sleepy? Also, with having disconnect time, this sounds like a great idea and makes a lot of since. I think to start I could only get away with 1–1.5 hours a week. This includes drive time to a park away from where I live and work. Do you think this is a good start?

You are the first person to put me on to the “reactive” state of mind in regards to phones. I use my phone for my alarm to wake up, and usually check any emails that have come through at night regarding work (I am a freelancer and get work requests all times of day/night all days of the weeks and they often times require a prompt response). I limit it to that and stay off of social and other distractions and move into my morning routine without being on my phone. Do you think this still disrupts my productivity in the morning? Sorry for all of the questions, but I want to be a practitioner and get it right. Thank you for all of your inspiration and tools to accomplish my goals. We are battling against society and pre-conceived notions, the more tools and direction the better!



Data Driven w/ strong Fundamentals, crypto evangelist, never ending learner, music and art nerd. I also play good tunes for cool people. twitter:@adamgdev

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